Conference 2014 Session Papers

Sheppard, BruceSchool Leadership and Classroom Uses of Technology
Barrett DeWiele, CorinneThe Researcher’s Choice of Diverse Methodologies – “Principal” Considerations
Talesra, HemlataPaper presentation Session
Talesra, Hemlataplennary session
Preston, JaneTwitter and E-Leadership in a Postsecondary Setting
Chitpin, StephanieSchool Principals in a Professional Learning Community: Mobilizing Knowledge, Improving Decisions
Cranston, JeromeDocumenting the Challenges and Successes of Meeting a Child’s Right to an Education
Milley, PeterEducational Leadership and the Securitization of Education
Gurr, DavidLeading Improvement in Literacy
Atbi, LeilaTeacher Education: Linkages and Transitions
Kirk, JacquelineCommunity-based Participatory Research (CBPR): Vital Outcome Indicators for Community Engagement (VOICE) for Children and Youth
Ekejiuba, Paulette8th of september
Wanjari, ShashiEducational Leadership at a time of Demographic Change
Guha, Dr. UshoshiConflicting Issues of Ethical and Cross Cultural Values
Saikia, PoleeValue Patterns of Prospective Teachers: A Study in Guwahati, Assam, India
Nasrin, Dr (mrs)Concurrent Sessions 7 (Diversity of Working and Learning Environments)
Gurr, DavidLeading Improvement in Literacy
Oku, ObianujuLeadership Challenges, Patterns, Efforts, and Opportunities
Waite, DuncanLeadership Concepts, Perspectives, and Practices
Waite, DuncanInternationalizing the Debate about High Needs Schools and Leadership for Social Justice
Sloane, J. AlyshaEducational Policy: Purposes, Feasibility, and Public Participation
Uyanga, Roseline EmehMulti Paper Session. Diversity and Educational Administration and planning
Hamm, LyleSchool Leadership in a Multi-Cultural Context
Davies, PatriciaBELMAS – Invited Session
Piliawsky, MonteEducational Leadership in Highly Contested and Challenging Contexts
Bhagabati, NilimaTechnical session
Riveros, GusAgency and leadership: Exploring the assumptions behind conceptualizations of leadership in Canadian policy documents
Riveros, GusEnacting Scenarios of Professional Learning: An Ontological Examination of Professional Learning
Mindzak, MichaelInstructional Leadership in Contemporary Times
Harris, CarolEducational leadership and the securitization of education
Wimmer, RandolphA Decade of Work in Aboriginal Education: Research about, and Reflections on, Implications for Educational Leadership
Samier, EugenieEducational Leadership and the Securitization of Education: The Challenges of Individual, Organizational and System Threats to Security
Hauseman, CameronA Comparison of the Nature of School Administrators’ Work in Rural and Urban/Suburban Settings
Godden, PaulReligious Doctrine in U.S. Public School Science Classes: An On-Going and Costly Debate.
Al-Hussaini, SenabilThe Relationship Between Organisational Culture and Leadership Style in Technical and Vocational Schools in the United Arab Emirates
Igu, NtasiobiMultiple Paper Session
Anderson, StephenPrincipal Leadership and School Effectiveness: Variability and Convergence in Practice
Wakeham, MargaretBoundary spanning leadership of central office leaders and principals in families of schools
Ekejiuba, Paulettesunday June 8
Toubat, HasanDiversity of Working and Learning Environments
Cherkowski, SabreFlourishing Leadership: A Positive Organizational Perspective
McRoberts, TimLearning From Lived Experiences; An Opportunity for Educational Leaders to Support Diversity in the Classroom
Cherkowski, SabreThe role of the principal in creating learning climates that foster a possibility-oriented culture of change in schools
Brien, KenProfessional Learning Communities and Student Achievement: Correlating School Culture with Student Performance
Gurr, DavidBook Launch: Leading schools successfully: Stories from the field
Gurr, DavidLeading Improvement in Literacy
Conway, JoanLeading Pedagogical Enhancement: The Power of SWP in Times of Demographic Change
Male, TrevorDiversity in Education: Impact, Implications, Adaptation, and Understandings
Poole, WendyCentralized Market-Driven Funding Policy in British Columbia: Implications for Equity, Social Justice and Local Decision Making
Murphy, DanielDealing with Dilemmas in School Leadership
Mombourquette, CarmenDeveloping a Theoretical Framework: Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders in Alberta
Mombourquette, CarmenPrincipals’ Perspectives on District Leadership Practices Most Helpful in Supporting School-Based Leadership for Learning
APOSTOLOU, SEVASTIFlourishing Learning Environments: Space, Identity, Safety, and Inclusion
Emetarom, UcheMultiple Paper Session
McIsaac, DaleTeachers in Canada’s Smallest Province are Reluctant to Seek the Principalship
Syme Anderson, HeatherA Feminist Analysis of Administrative Educational Policies Related to Gender Equity: Policy Framing of Gender in Manitoba Education from 1975-2012
Ogonor, BridgetConcurrent Sessions 3
Huang, ZhongjingMigrant Children Education and Teacher Professional Development in Shanghai
Gélinas-Proulx, AndréanneSchool Leadership in a Multi-Cultural Context
Briscoe, PatriciaPrincipals’ Conceptions of Diversity: A Study of Ontario Principals
Godden, LorraineThe Role of Administrators in Interpreting Documents and Making Sense of Public Policy Goals for Career Guidance in Secondary Schools
Bartlett, A. KatharineCulturally Relevant or Diverse? Is it either/or?
Lapointe, ClaireFrom disabling to empowering: The impact of organizational cultures on ethical leadership
Lapointe, ClaireLeading official-linguistic minority schools: the case of English-language schools in the province of Québec
Lapointe, ClaireAn invitation to participate in an international study on ethical leadership in education
Ofoegbu, Feliciamulti-paper
Oplatka, IzharEthical and Emotional Considerations in Educational Leadership
Lowrey, John ScottThe Educational Leadership Imperative of Canada’s Outstanding Principals: Student Achievement
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