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CCEAM Youth Leadership SIG

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire and empower a new cohort of effective, ethical young educational leaders by equipping them with leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and effective social networking skills as they develop into active and vocal contributors to their community’s social, economic and cultural well-being.

Our Mission:

Through our CCEAM Youth Leadership Special Interest Group initiatives, we will provide Commonwealth pre-service educators with administrative, management, and leadership opportunities to develop their resilience in overcoming barriers to progression and equip them with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and opportunities to speak out about community issues and challenge inequalities and inequities within their local educational settings.

We will aim to do this by:

  1. Bringing Commonwealth youth leaders together by cultivating an inclusive, encouraging, and supportive learning community through partnership with higher education institutions within CCEAM member nations.

  2. Offering these CCEAM youth leaders unique opportunities to build their administrative, management, and leadership experience to lead effectively.

  3. Helping these CCEAM youth leaders become active participants in developing civic sensitivity and building civil society, governance, and decision-making processes within their local settings.

  4. Creating a pathway for these CCEAM youth leaders to actively participate in policy reformation and collaborate with CCEAM leaders in their jurisdiction to create intentional settings such as advisory groups where they work alongside CCEAM leaders by uniting, co-sharing positions of authority, working as colleagues, and sharing accountability in achieving common social and educational goals for improvement in their society.

  5. Creating a community of young leaders who will go on to deliver change within Commonwealth countries who are members of CCEAM.

Our Objectives: 

Through this program, CCEAM youth leaders have the opportunity to:

  • Belong to an inclusive, encouraging, and supportive community of learning.

  • Build their administrative, management and leadership skills in the community with other like-minded CCEAM youth leaders.

  • Acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitude to develop civic sensitivity and build civil society, governance, and decision-making by actively participating in youth advocacy and engagement.

  • Gain work experience by participating in policy reformation, collaborating with CCEAM leaders, and sharing accountability for shared goals to bring about social change and improvement within their local settings.

Through this social platform offered through CCEAM for youth leaders, you can belong to a community of CCEAM youth leaders who will go on to deliver change in the world by practicing a global mindset of thinking, acting locally, and contributing globally.

What are the three CCEAM – Youth Leadership themes to explore and develop across each CCEAM member nation:

(1) Youth and Food Insecurity,
(2) Youth and Climate Change and
(3) Youth amidst the World at War/Peace.

Full details are available here: CCEAM Youth Leadership Special Interest Group Details



Venesser Fernandes

CCEAM Youth Leadership SIG Chair

Other YL-SIG committee members:

Fred Ebot

Patricia Briscoe

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